Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well, I suppose it's party time!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

There is a blogging party going on! And who doesn't enjoy a good party? Especially one that takes place for a whole week!?
Well, how about some introductions?
 My name is Ashton and I am married to my best friend: Erick (a.k.a "the husband") and we have a siamese cat named "kitty" (fur baby). We live and love our state of Michigan. So, you will find posts about daily life in the mitten state. I am passionate about writing and that tends to come out in different forms whether it be about spending time with my little family or my love of clothes or whatever topic seems to be edging at the surface (dangerous, I know).
As a creative writing graduate I tend to believe that everyday life makes for the best stories. 
If you want to learn more about us and this blog you can click here.

Thanks for stopping by! And enjoy the party!

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  1. hey i'm a new follower from the party! i hope you'll come over to my blog follow and leave comments too!


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