Friday, April 13, 2012

those friday night rituals.

  Growing up I remember loving Friday but slightly disliking Saturday. I'm not going to analyze that one too much for my sake. But, you know that hope for the weekend that you feel on Friday? There is this sense that something exciting could happen. I definitely applied that to the small town that I grew up in. What can I say, I was a slight dreamer.

None the less, I would usually hunker down on Friday evening with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of orange juice and watch all my favorite sitcoms (helloooo TGIF). It was routine. But, as a young pre-teen I found excitement in my own Friday night ritual. I mean, at eleven, anything is possible between Friday and Sunday evening. Everything is also extremely dramatic at that age as well.

Anyways. I still enjoy weekend rituals:

  As the husband and I will most likely end up in Target tonight. Getting those laps in. And Erick will most likely purchase milk duds. And then we will probably scoot around our town taking in the scenery and discussing serious matters like: "why did they trim those trees like that?"
  And then I will most likely suggest that we watch "You've Got Mail" tonight for the hundredth time.
And Erick will most likely humor me and watch it with me like it's the first time (except for the insistent quoting throughout the whole movie that still seems necessary).
And we will most likely go to bed thinking this was the most exciting Friday night ever and still hopeful for the weekend to come.
Wishing you the best Friday night routine ever. And lots of love for Saturday.

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