Monday, April 2, 2012

This past week....

1. ...we got to experience a "spring snow." We all knew it was coming. This is Michigan after all. Thankfully, the snow didn't stick around for too long and was pretty much melted by the next day.

2. ...i wore polka dots. And there is something very happy about a bunch of little dots all over your shirt. So, I think I enjoyed it and I plan on doing it again soon.

3. ...the husband and I did a lot of driving north. We were pet-sitting my parent's animals. But, I got to enjoy a lot of sunrises and sunsets as a result.

4. ...i had a lot of coffee time with my parent's cat: Spencer. We bonded over caribou coffee with irish creamer. I'm not telling Kitty.

5. ...i consumed my weight in cadbury chocolate eggs. I can thank my brother-in-law for introducing me to their wonder AND a unique way to consume them.

6. ...the husband and I enjoyed time with friends. And time with friends normally centers around various food products. Like ice cream. And coffee. And we are grateful for that fellowship. And the food. :)


  1. i'm right there with you on the cadburry eggs. they are so good, it is almost a bad thing. Cute blog! xo

    1. I know! I almost can't wait until I don't have to see them in the candy aisle for awhile! Thanks for stopping by,your blog is adorable as well!:)

  2. oh gosh, i couldn't get past the consuming your weight in cadbury eggs. DELICIOUS!!!
    xo TJ

    1. They are amazing! Unfortunately, I'm not so sure my thighs are going to be thinking that for long.... :)


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