Friday, April 20, 2012

Team Rain

I think rainy days get a bad representation. That's right. I am officially on "team rain." 
And it's a good thing too. Because it rained all day long in our area of the mitten. All day. 
And minus the fact that I can't count on my hair to do anything presentable on a day like today ( that's why we have hair ties people) it was an enjoyable rainy day. 
Hence this next set of rambles that proves certain things are more fun when it's raining:

1. Drinking coffee, consuming pumpkin bread, and listening to jazz music with a good friend just seems to make even more sense.  

2. Ummm wearing rain boots? That is only acceptable on such days. And let me tell you, I fully appreciated the notion that I could step in a puddle and walk away untouched.

3. Cozy fires. Cozy fires. Everyone wants a cozy fireplace on a day like today.
It's so cozy. That's why.

4. Kitty puts in a word for a rainy day by making it look cute. And chilling in bags.

5. Lighting. Think what you will but when the world is grey outside who wants blinding light inside? Soft glow. That is what I am talking about. More enjoyable when there is rain outside.

What are your "team rain" picks? 


  1. yay another team rain member!!!! :)
    and yes, this is when hair ties come in handy!
    xo TJ


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