Friday, April 27, 2012

Re-purpose Friday

Nothings says "it's Friday!" like attending a very large indoor "garage sale" of sorts (or "yard sale"....I recognize there is a preference amongst the masses). There is something extremely enjoyable about mingling through rows and rows and rows of what someone in this world now considers junk. And so, I mingled with junk. And I walked out with some books and the most amazing old wooden chair. Complete with carving. All it needs is a little re-purposing and I do believe she will look quite lovely. Like most old things really are.

So, now I am resolving to spend some time sifting through my finds and gaining some ideas (thank you super creative people at Better Homes and Gardens).
Hope your Friday is off to a great start!

P.S.: those flowers are from my mommy.

P.P.S: I found these boots super, unbelievably cheap this week. And I am determined that they get use. And get to tell their story to other boots. Any ideas besides the nominal skinny jean usage? ( I want to believe they shall go with my long skirts. I do. )


  1. I love everything about yard sales and swap meets and garage sales. Whatever you want to call it, if it involves someone else's junk? I'm there.

    x Jes

  2. cool pics!

    Visit my fashion blog and if you want we could follower each other!
    have a great Saturday!


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