Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just some essentials...


 This very well might be the closest thing to a bathroom essentials list that I have. I wanted to pass on my abundant enthusiasm for these products (some old faithfuls and recent discoveries). And where you can find them of course. Oh, and please feel free to share some of your essentials as well!
 Happy Bathing!

1. CHI Silk Infusion. Oh where would I be without this product? I'll  tell you where: in front of the mirror trying to tame my normally wavy/curly hair. I was introduced to this stuff by my hairdresser 5 years ago. That's right, 5 years. And I have not deviated from it since. If you don't like the feeling of tons of product in your hair and (like me) have the intense urge to touch your hair multiple times throughout the day: this stuff is for you. I apply a small amount to my wet hair before I blow dry.....and my hair is ever so grateful. Smoooth city people. You can find it at most stores (Target) OR you can check here where I found the larger bottle for about the same price as the small one in stores.

2. So, you say your tired of the usual shaving cream? Not enough moisture in the foaming stuff? Well, say no more. True Blue Spa Silky Smooth Shave Cream (with shea to the butter) is here. Perfect if you have sensitive skin. Perfect if you hate razor burn. Perfect if you want your legs to feel the smoothest they have felt since grade school. Find this stuff right here. 

3. Philosophy's Purity Made Simple one step facial cleanser and Hope in a Jar facial moisturizer. These products are making me a believer. I have sensitive skin that reacts to overly powerful scents or harsh products sometimes found in facial products.The facial cleanser doesn't irritate my skin but still removes all my makeup and the eye makeup. I love using one product to accomplish multiple things. I have recently started using Hope in a Jar and have found that my skin is not complaining. And not just anything will silence the beast. Just enough moisture. No greasy feeling. And after only a couple days of using this stuff I swear I am waking up to smoother and softer skin. No joke. So, if you need to find it you can go here   or here.

4. Organix shampoo and conditioner in Repairing Awapuhi Ginger. Alright, this stuff smells amazing. It makes my hair feel amazing. And because I am little behind on a hair trim this stuff is allowing my ends and the rest of hair to play nice together. I must mention that these products produce some major hair shine. With that said, you can find them at your local Target or here.

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