Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jars & Canisters....oh my!

 There is just something about jars and little canisters that catch my attention. Maybe it's the endless possibilities that they represent (it's no secret: I like organization)? Maybe it's because they are begging me to fill them with something? Whatever the reason, I have found that there are remnants of these objects scattered throughout our home. So, while some of these uses may seem completely obvious, I thought I would share what my jars are up to these days.

1// this was actually a candle at one point. It's amazing what you can do with empty candle jars (I only know this because my mother-in-law is an expert at re-purposing these little jars). So, this once candle jar was meticulously removed of any wax by her and given to me and now sits in my bathroom....full of fluffy cotton balls. I reckon that the uses for these jars is endless.

2// old canning jars are some of my favorites. I enjoy incorporating some old things into my decor. And for some unknown reason I have been hoarding buttons for years now. Every time you purchase an item of clothing it almost always comes with a button (or two). So, why not display them? They are colorful and different sizes and textures. It's going to take a lot more buttons to fill my jar.....but I am well on my way. 

3// the fascination with these jars continues. I found this one at a garage sale years ago. I loved the blue color. This jar has held dish washing tools, flowers, and now hand soap. Yes, the uses are endless. I just went and purchased a pump for relatively cheap and (tada!) instant hand washing enjoyment.

4// this canister has been with erick and I since the very beginning. The scribble on it (now fading) reads: "Ashton and Erick's Honeymoon Fund".
We used this little guy to throw loose change in for the sake of having some extra spending cash on our honeymoon (ages ago....). But, while we are no longer saving up for the honeymoon we still display and use this canister for our loose change. It's an easy way to store it and it's a pleasant surprise when we get to count it out for whatever little trip we are saving for.

What are your jars and canisters up to these days?

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