Monday, April 9, 2012

It was an Easter weekend!

Hello! We hope your Easter weekend was splendid. I can say with upmost confidence that ours was pretty enjoyable.
The husband and I enjoyed a Saturday in one of our favorite towns (a post on that soon) by enjoying the sunshine and going on a mini-picnic of sorts. There is nothing better than enjoying those first few warm days of spring outside.
Easter Sunday was spent celebrating at church in the morning and enjoying the company of family as the day went on. And just in case you are wondering, I did get more Cadbury eggs. Which means I will be trying not to consume them all in one sitting. Pray for me.
Erick and I also spent time trying to hunt down the perfect tea kettle. For all you seasoned tea kettle (tea pot?) users out there: any recommendations? I'm used to the ever so classy way of heating my water in the microwave. These days are numbered though. Yes, they are indeed.

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