Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just some essentials...

I think this warm weather has given people the "shopping bug." There seems to be a lot of people out and about trying to stock up on those last minute warm weather purchases. And for the other "type As" out there, we all know how we like to be prepared. I recently saw a news headline that exclaimed the economy is actually benefiting  from the warm weather that passed through the majority of the country. It inspired all of us to get out there and use the green stuff.  So, as we build that "warm weather essentials list" I thought I would share some of my recent favorites for the season. Some of which are so affordable you need to go right now and purchase them. Props for building the economy.

1.Women's Navy
  2.                                                                 3.navigate her




 1.Saltwater Sandals. I have only heard the praises of these sandals from those that own them. They last years. They stay in good shape and apparently they are super comfortable. You can find them here.

2.  Butter London nail polish. I just got this exact color: "Trout Pout". You really need to check out there selection of colors. The variety is insane. Not to mention, their lacquers contain no formaldehyde, DBP, or Toluene. You can find their selection of colors here at their site or you can visit Ulta here if you have other beauty shopping to knock out.

3. Essie nail polish also has some great colors this season. And as I have mentioned before, I have become especially inclined to the pastel trend this spring. So, I purchased this minty pistachio color: "Navigate Her" to let some of that out. Controlled steps. No worries, they have plenty of other perfect spring shades if this one doesn't meet your fancy. Find them here.

4. H&M top. Can I just say that they have hit it out of the park this season? Their selection in stores is so good. I purchased a black and white polka dot button down (that was a mouthful) at their store for just under $13. Yes. I didn't see the same top online, but they still have polka dots. And tunics. And all kinds of other affordable pieces that will mix right in with a wardrobe. Go here and be amazed.

5. Forever21 is sometimes hit and miss for me. Being petite can cause some items to fit a little awkward at times. But, if you have a hard time finding shorts that are not going to reveal what your mama gave you....then you should really go here right now and check out these shorts (Cuffed Cutoff Denim Shorts). I paid just under $18 dollars for these guys (?!?!?). And they are the perfect length with "adjusting" ability. I also found a lighter denim pair that rival the ones I have from J.Crew. Happy cuffing.


  1. i've seen salt water sandals everywhere! i think it's a sign i really need to get some immediately :)
    xo TJ

    1. I know! I'm wondering where they have been all my life! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I really love their colors. Some of them are really different! :)


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