Friday, February 3, 2012

Put on some lips!

I will admit, I love lipgloss. My addiction started early. I remember the first tinted gloss that I owned. I would slather it on, wait ten minutes, and repeat. Never mind that the color was close to a purple metallic. I have since learned to appreciate what a little lip color can do,not only for your overall complexion, but as an added accessory. And my attention lately has turned from "the gloss"to "the stick".

I've had some inquiries as to what colors have been on my lips as of late. So, I thought I would share my top four favorite colors that I have tried. Mind you, my motto will always be that less is indeed more. So, I dab my color lightly starting out and go from there.

I love that I can get a lot of color out of lipstick while using a small amount. My two favorites that I am obsessed with at the moment:
1.) "Love Test" Rouge N.R11 by Sephora
2.) "Ravish Me Red" N.654 by Revlon

These have an appearance of a gloss from their packaging...but they hold a lot of color.

3.) NYX (soft matte lip cream) in "San Paulo"
4.) "Coral Reef" super lustrous gloss N. 170 by Revlon.

There is something about lipstick that seems classic and timeless...but also a lot of fun when experimenting with different colors. Happy dabbing!

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