Thursday, February 16, 2012

Picture Wall

I have been wanting to create a picture wall for some time now. I love the idea of compiling a bunch of random frames together on one wall. So, after staring at the end result in Pottery Barn magazines for many months.....I gave in.
I compiled some favorite photos, snippets from trips and our wedding, and framed them accordingly.

I found it useful to compile my design on the floor first, laying out all the frames the way I would like them on the wall. I am a visual person and I had to see it before jumping in.

I started in the exact center of the wall I was working on and moved the frames out from there. A measuring tape and level are an absolute must for this. And in my case, a husband.

For those frames that are more like shadow boxes: tape, backing paper, and the occasional trim of the picture becomes necessary.

I am happy with the end result which allows me to add on to the wall as I collect frames. Plus, it's a good way to display all those special pieces in one place and have it make sense.

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