Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Miracles

  It seems like this year, more than any other, I know quite a few people that are looking and hoping and praying for a Christmas miracle of sorts. I know that Erick and I are definitely in that place as well. As we are trusting for God's provision and care in our lives. I'm not sure what it is about this "time of year" that has everyone especially prone to the idea of miracles. I spent some time thinking about this as of late and have come up with these possible solutions:
              a) We are all watching way too many Hallmark movies. 

              b) "Miracle on 34th Street" has become literal. 

              c.) We are all consuming way too much sugar. Hot chocolate included.

    Any takers? Alright.... maybe not so much. But, what does the term "miracle" really mean? Well, here is the definition. So, we get that a miracle surpasses how we understand the physical world. In other words, it doesn't seem possible. In other terms, there is no logical reason why a miracle should happen or could happen....but they do happen. And just like people are different, our miracles are different as well. The things we seek that seem impossible and past the natural this Christmas season may be very different from each other. None the less, miracles become personal. They are personal as we hope for them. They are personal long after they take place. Maybe so much so, that some of us choose not to buy into the "season of miracles" mantra because hoping is just that: personal. 

     I'm not sure what miracle you are seeking right now. I know that everyone, deep down, is looking for something to change, or come through, or heal, or just happen. I can't help but be reminded of Christ when I think of the definition behind the word. Doesn't it sound miraculous that God would come to earth, in the form of a baby, and be made in our likeness to eventually die? Think about that. It surpasses our physical world. Our knowledge. He came to die. So, that we could even have the chance of seeing the miraculous. Now, that idea, has done nothing short of a miracle in me.


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