Wednesday, November 23, 2011


  I am extremely grateful for so very many things in my life. And all too often I forget to think about those things. Big and small. But, if there is one thing that I am learning, through God's grace,  is that I need to work on my contentment. In other words, I need to be more grateful. I need to wake up and realize what I have....what I have been given. What Christ has bought for me through the cross. So, here is "the list" of specific things I am beyond grateful for this year. Big and small. In no particular order.

  • Michigan! (We all new this was going to make my list)
  • My relationship with Chirst.
  • My husband. I am blessed.
  • My family. You all mean so much to me.
  • Coffee. Enough said..
  • Meeting new people.
  • Getting to play music again.
  • The changing of the seasons.
  • My little kitty.
  • Church family.
  • Coming home.

We are home. And enjoying every minute. And trying not to think about leaving. Tomorrow we will enjoy spending time with family. Erick and I will then brave the crowds with a special someone (K to the Ory) and go about our anual shopping experience. Looking forward to the day. Happy Thanksgiving.

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