Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birthday Celebrations and Pancake Mornings

We celebrated Erick's Birthday last week. It was a small affair. That is code for: Me, Erick (of course), and kitty were the only ones present. Which may have been a good thing as the gluten-free brownies we baked for the celebration smelled wonderful....but didn't come close in taste. Lesson learned last week: Betty Crocker makes the best brownies. Stephen (my little brother) surprised Erick with a book entitled, "Star Wars: the Jedi Path." Needless to say, Erick has every intention of completing the book. 
We spent the next morning being really lazy. Watching Paula Dean. Making pancakes. And recognizing that fall has officially made it to South Carolina. We couldn't be happier that is November. Mostly because cooler weather has arrived and we get to venture home soon.

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