Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things I am enjoying right now.....

It's about time for an update. We have been extremely busy. And I am amazed at how fast this month has flown by. Can you believe it is almost November? Erick is already more than half way through this semester (yay!). In the midst of really busy schedules and still missing home....these are some things that are making me more lighthearted these days.

1. Cooler weather. I wore my first sweater the other day. It was as wonderful as I remembered it being.

2. Candles. I have went through so many. It reminds me of home. And makes my house smell good. And who doesn't like that?

3. Psalms. I've started reading through this book. And it's encouraging.

4. Counting down the days until Thanksgiving. I am excited to go home. And I enjoy watching my calendar as the days get closer.

5. Christmas music. Don't judge me. It lightens the mood. And I believe that Christmas is one of the most hopeful times of the year.

6. Clothes for cooler weather. Specifically these clothes for cooler weather. Want.


  1. miss exercising with you even though it's been ages! glad to hear you're doing well. i won't judge you for the christmas music... my husband has been playing third day's christmas album since the beginning of september and anne and i have been talking about christmas decorating for quite awhile now! i liked what you wrote about it being such a hopeful time of year. i am reading a book called knowing God and in it there is a whole chapter about the incarnation. it just made me so much more excited for christmas and to really work at focusing on the fact that God, yes God, came to earth as a baby! incredible!!! p.s. i like your taste in cooler weather clothes :)

  2. Believe me, I miss working out with everyone as well! It is so hard to stay motivated alone. :) Sounds like a really good book! I feel like the season is going to take on a more personal meaning to me this year, as I am so far away from home. But, if God can grow me as a result of the distance, I am ok with that. :)
    p.s. I am just slightly obsessed with J.Crew's fall line.

  3. i love your love for jesus! me too! and fall is the best.

  4. Definitely two of my favorite things! With Jesus coming first, of course. :)


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