Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I don't think that it is any secret since I have moved states away that I have been a little more "sensitive" (shall we say?) to the topics of: home, family, memories...you get the point. But, let me just preface this post with this: sometimes it takes moving (or loss) to help us appreciate what we have.

I know, that may sound sappy. And so be it. Because I doubt there is any other way that I could put into words that emotion. So, while I am not overly vocal with the mushy stuff, I have been challenged that I need to be.

Whether it is writing it out (which is much easier for me) or saying it out loud, we need to be telling the people around us how much we love and appreciate them in some OTHER way than just actions. Do you get that? Actions do speak. But, sometimes we need to hear it. Or read it. Just so we know.

We need to hear that we are loved. We need to hear that we are appreciated. I have learned, simply through change, that there have been many times that I have not said how I really feel because it is hard for me.

But, lets get honest. How much harder do we think it is going to be when and if we lose that someone and we no longer have the option of telling them? What then? Will our pride matter? Will the awkwardness that we feel matter? Will our lack of eloquence with words matter? I am here to assert that it will not.

So, while I doubt speaking vocal showers of love is going to get any easier for me anytime soon....I am going to try harder regardless. The people that I love deserve that from me. They deserve to know that I love them. They deserve to know that I think about them all the time....which sometimes leads to "throat tightening".They deserve to know that the thought of life without them is a little too much. They deserve to know that our memories have carried me through a lot of lonely days. They deserve to know that I have went off on an adventure and tried a bunch of different things and at the end of the day I still value them more than all of it. Every last thing.

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