Monday, September 5, 2011


Our weekend has consisted of a bored laziness that only happens when one uproots themselves from everything they once new and relocates to a "foreign land."
Ironically, I feel as if I might as well be across the ocean at this point. There is something about unfamiliarity that renders one quite helpless.
So, with that pitiful picture in your mind, I am going to sabotage this post and list some things that I am missing right now. So deep to my core that it actually aches. Cheers.
1. Cool weather. I am so tired of the 90s. This week is a FULL week of the 80s and it feels like Christmas.

2. Fall. Where is it? Does it come down here? I just want to see one colored leaf. And a pumpkin. And some tea. And this could go on....

3. Birds. Apparently, they really do migrate. Kitty and I are having withdrawals.

4. Michigan drivers. Never thought I would ever say that. But, if you tried my route on for size you would understand.


  1. you forgot a Kory on your list! haha

  2. Oh man, that is just understood. There is no list that can contain that one. :)

  3. Fall does come to the South. But it isn't until November. So all those movies where people are playing football on Thanksgiving (not snowmobiling)that is in the Carolina's.


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