Monday, September 19, 2011

All things Pumpkin

The weather channel (and my husband) tell me that fall is coming to Michigan. And various, more northern, areas of the U.S.A. And while I am still unsure of fall's presence here in the 'ol south, I got a taste of it this past weekend.

Dare I say, I was actually cold at one point this week. Mostly because it dropped down to 60 degrees with absolutely no notice. And my body officially believes that 80 degrees is now "cool". I am trying to convince it otherwise. But, the revolt continues.

So, in an attempt to bring fall to the south I am participating in all things pumpkin. I admit, this might be getting out of hand. But, was there ever a symbol that represents fall like the pumpkin? I think not. So, as the camp out for fall continues...I shall be drinking these as I slowly convince the south that fall is really a good idea. One pumpkin at a time.

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