Friday, August 19, 2011


It has been awhile since I have updated. Unfortunately, deciding to pack up one's life in a couple months and move to a different state doesn't actually lend itself to having extra time.
The husband and I are finally here in sunny South Carolina. We arrived on Monday: in spite of the moving truck that gave us plenty of "intense moments" as we drove through the mountains. Eeek.
With that, we have been busy with unpacking boxes and trying to stuff all of our stuff in every nook and crany of this pad. I can look back now and be grateful for the two garage sales I had this summer. Yes, two.
As we run around an unfamiliar place and do all that "stuff" that goes along with moving....we have had our emotional moments. To say the least.
We miss the familiar. We miss our families. We miss friends. Transition is never easy. It is uncomfortable. And awkward. And it pokes at us in odd ways. I think transition makes us realize what we really miss.
So, we are transitioning and missing. All at the same time. But, it's ok. Because we have a God that holds tomorrow and no matter where we go...He is there.


  1. Personally, I ADORE this kind of unheaval. I think it is cathartic to purge myself of unnecessary "stuff" and start anew!! An unfamiliar place with new experiences and the promise of new exciting. It's the leaving behind of family and friends that is so extremely difficult. Please know that during our evening prayers we are praying that God will hold you up and comfort you both during the stressful times!

  2. We could definitely use a dose of your sense of adventure right now! :) But,thank you for your prayers. Knowing that people are praying for us is so very comforting! :)


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