Saturday, August 27, 2011

At a Glance....

Our first full week of classes has come to an end. Yes, we made it.
I am honestly more tired of the "busy work" that goes along with moving than anything else.
So, this first week of classes with all of it's "syllabus shock" has had little impact on my emotional state. Thank you, busy work, for making me immune to six (plus) pages (times 3) of projects, expectations, readings, and whatever else is sprinkled in there. For good measure, of course.

In non-related news: I got a job! At the college. And I am feeling pretty good about that. God answered my specific prayer. And I am grateful.

Erick and I have been driving around a lot as well. Within the logical means of our gas tank. Trying to take in our surroundings and assimilate as much as possible.

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