Monday, November 1, 2010

for my husband...

"What's so wrong with being personal anyways...if anything else we should begin by being personal."

Today was my husband's 25th Birthday. I feel as we get older, Birthdays lose the personal touches that made them so special when we were younger. The fact that we don't get toys anymore is a little disheartening. Blowing out candles is no longer a good time to see how close to fire we can get. Or how many wishes we can make. We grow up. We become cynical. We despise getting older. Time starts to go by faster. We change a little. Today my husband marked 25 years. And for some odd reason I have been unusually thoughtful about this particular Birthday of his.

I have been reminded of how extremely grateful I am just to be a part of his life. To walk side by side with him. My best friend. I apologize now if this is a little too sentimental for you. I normally have a low tolerance for this kinda' stuff as well. So, lets take a deep breath and keep on going. Shall we? There is a deep appreciation that continues to grow for who my husband is and what his life represents.

Undoubtedly, he is the most selfless person I know. For the last four years he has given up his life. Quite simply: for me. He has sacrificed one of the most precious things we have: time. He has worked harder than any one I know, and I know he has done it for me. For us. For our marriage. For our life. Self sacrifice at it's finest. His alarm goes off every morning at 4:30. I view this as the middle of the night. And that is when it begins. He travels thirty minutes to a job that is anything but pleasant and works around people that do anything but care about their employees and he puts in those 50-60 hours.

He has fought every negative emotion that goes along with performing a job that makes you feel anything but self satisfied. He has fought compulsive fatigue and physical exhaustion. He has fought the urge of frustration that working for the next pay check creates. He has fought the emotional bankruptcy that comes when you can't see the end of the tunnel anymore. He has fought.
Four years may seem like such a small span in the last 25. But time is precious no matter how one measures it out.
Publicly and personally: thank you babes for fighting for us and for loving me enough to lay down your time so unselfishly. I love you.
happy birthday.

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