Monday, July 12, 2010


Well I suppose it is no secret. I am sure the word has gotten out. Everyone must know by now. I have come to admit it. I have indeed hit a dry patch. Months of having little to no desire to write about minor details. I conclude that I have had nothing that sparked my interest enough that I would want to write it down, discuss, or think over it. Simple as that.

So, what? I think I can come back to the written world and just plop out some thoughts after months of ignoring anything remotely related to blogging? Not exactly. See, I don't feel fully recovered from this patch of "nothing to write". And while I have had writer's block many times in my life, this has felt way more personal.

It's as if my inner writer has been on strike and pouting for months now. The inner critic has sliced into my thoughts and I have been too generous in giving up on ideas. Where once I jumped at the chance to write about nothing. I now see my "nothings" as really nothing. Peculiar. Odd. Not enjoyable. I am unsure what the cure for this type of written turmoil is.....besides just writing regardless.
And so I did.


  1. Just remember, that in this day and age of facebook statuses and tweets limited to 140 characters, you have chosen to have a blog, and that is something indeed. It says you're a writer. It says you care about more than conveying a one-sentence update about the state your day is in, or the plans you have on a given night -- those things focus only on the now, they don't last. There's no archive of status updates, because, five minutes after they're born, they're useless. They have the lifespan of a fruitfly.

    But, you have a blog, and that's something. You have literally miles of blank page to share your thoughts, not just of the now, but of yesterday, and tomorrow, and the days that will never be, and of the days that have existed only in your mind.

    You have a blog, and you can write, and by adding something to this website of yours, you weave your own story into the tapestry of stories that stretches on to infinity.

    You can add something, and it my seem small, but it's something -- never "nothing" -- and that's worth blogging for.

    You'll find your voice again. You will.

  2. you should be a professional encourager. whatever that looks like....I'm not sure. :)


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