Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A case of insanity

It seems like there is a case of insanity going around the Jurek household these days. Now, lets not get carried away. I do mean the immediate residence of this here apartment. Anyone outside of "apartment A" that calls "Jurek" their last name I can not speak for.
And I suppose if we want to get even more personal...I should narrow this insanity down to myself and kitty. This could be due to a number of things. The current list is narrowed down to these items:
1.) kitty is in "heat" (a fancy term for: "kitty wants to have more baby kitties with a male kitty and subsequently will overtake the earth with her spawn"). This is naturally a scary thought for anyone sane. And anyone that has met/lived with kitty.

2.) I am trapped inside a 900 square foot apartment that has little window to the outside world. This becomes an issue as I get to listen to kitty slowly slip into insanity every minute of every day.

3.) I do a religious 'job search' every day that proves fruitless every time. I think I have somehow got myself to believe that a matter of hours should change the 'job postings' section on my computer.

4.) My new wardrobe consists of pajamas and over sized fuzzy slippers that do wonders to my figure which in turn does a wonder to one's self esteem and the ability to think motivational thoughts.

5.) I am not sleeping at night. I feel tired. I end up listening to Erick snore through the whole alphabet and spend most of my free time finding new ways to quiet his throaty nostril noise. This results in hours of diabolical planning that culminates in me kicking him repeatedly...only to have him roll over and start the process all over.

I am reassured that kitty does not have an opinion on the matter and would rather me find a job so she can spend hours alone in her self misery. Unfortunately, soon I will be the only one with a case of the crazies in this living space as I am calling the veterinarian tomorrow: to destroy kitty's ideal of taking over the world with mini versions of herself.

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